About me

This page is my substitute for a social media profile.

I don't use social media anymore, but I still like to share some of my life!

I will keep adding more content on here as time goes on.

Hi, I am Simon Joel

My full name is Simon Joel Warkentin, some close friends call me Joel.

Working in sales is my day job, but my heart finds itself in a few other corners of the world too.
My past has led me through the lanes of 5 countries, each teaching me a bit more about life and gifting me with languages I now cherish.
Yet, no matter where I've been, I always see myself as a student, eager to understand and learn.

Tech, especially Linux, has been a recent journey for me. I’m far from an expert, but every day brings new challenges and lessons.
And music? It's a passion I've held close. While I certainly do have the look of a metalhead, my musical taste is not at all limited.
Besides Metal, i also listen to (and play) Jazz, classical music, progressive rock and more!

Travel and nature have been my silent teachers. They've shown me the beauty in simplicity and the importance of staying grounded.
On the digital front, I’ve been slowly distancing myself from mainstream social media platforms, finding solace in the quieter pockets of the internet.

I'm a believer in the power of community and collaboration, which is why I've grown fond of Free and Open Source Software.
There's something special about people coming together to create and share openly.

If you ever want to chat about tech, music, or just life in general, don’t hesitate to reach out. My inbox is always open at mail@simonjoel.com.
I'm always grateful for new connections and shared stories.


...is the most important thing in life, for me.

I am a musician since my childhood (used to work in the music industry before covid),
and I also enjoy painting and photography.

As soon as I have time, I plan on posting some of my art here.


Some more content is gonna go here soon.
Probably some of my personal thoughts about stuff...


Here i will post some photos.
They might be photos of me or photos that I took,
Kind of what people post on social media,
but without the BS of social media.


This is Cork, the city I live in.
It is the best city in Ireland
According to the people from Cork.
If you are from Dublin... Well, I am sorry.

Cork by sunset

This is Cork too, but by sunrise.
The sunrise is my second favourite time of the day!


This is me in Tenerife,
Right before the sunset.
The sunset is my favourite time of the day!
I lived in Tenerife for 6 months before moving to Ireland.
Fun times...


And this is me,
without any background.

Contact Me:

Please feel free to contact me through any of these channels:

Email: mail@simonjoel.com

Phone: +353 894566266 (Whatsapp)

LinkedIn: Simon Joel Warkentin

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