hi, i'm Simon Joel

why are you here?


...is the most important thing in life, for me.

I am a musician since my childhood (used to work in the music industry before covid),
and I also enjoy painting and photography.

As soon as I have time, I plan on posting some of my art here.

I like sharing!...

...but I hate social media.

This is why I want to share some pictures and thoughts of mine here in this section!

You probably know this by now... My name is Simon Joel Warkentin.
My journey has taken me through 5 countries, and along the way, I've picked up 4 languages.
Beyond the world of tech and Linux, I often lose myself in creating music or exploring new places.
With a deep appreciation for Free and Open Source Software, I'm always learning and evolving.
Want a glimpse into my world? Find out more here.